team members

Eric Musau

Non Executive Director

With over 15 years of experience in the financial services industry, Eric is the founding director of Chomoka Studios LTD. His support, strategic plans & key policies have made Chomoka Studios into the creative agency it's today.

Ernest Livasia

General Manager

Ernest is an ambitious visionary with a creative flair, and is tasked with the responsibility of leading the Chomoka team and running the creative phases of our projects, making them seamless for our customers.

Robert Ngaruiya

Creative Director

Roba is the engine behind Chomoka Studios visual representations, having a particular flair in graphics design, motion graphics and character animations. He brings life to our projects.

Thomas Kiguru

Art Director

An accomplished creative designer, Tom leads the Chomoka Studios animation design process, with the goal to create the most impressive animations in the industry. Simply put, our team’s work speaks for itself.

Lydia Muriu

Production Manager

Lydia is a dedicated and enthusiastic storyteller with a strong background in communications. In her role, she efficiently coordinates and manages our projects, effectively bridging the gap between the creative team and our clients, ensuring that our projects are delivered with creativity and excellence.

Beryl Muga

Animation Director

Beryl's valuable contribution to the team lies in her unique expertise in motion design and character animation. Her indispensable vision enables the creative achievement of complex or simple design solutions with great creativity.

James Otieno

Illustration Director

James serves as the illustration director at Chomoka Studios, bringing a wealth of creativity and imagination to the team. With a keen eye for color, balance, and layout, he consistently delivers exceptional and captivating illustrations. He is our in-house Picasso.

Doreen Mwirigi

Motion Design Director

Doreen brings to the team a unique expertise towards motion design, she has an indispensable vision on how complex or simple design solutions can be achieved creatively. She also oversees e-learning development projects at Chomoka Studios.

Obiero Oduor


Obiero's illustrations bring a unique and captivating flair to our animation projects. He has an extraordinary talent for creating original and visually appealing artwork, which adds an exceptional quality to our productions.

Robert Njagi

Animation Supervisor

Robe brings to the team a demonstrative experience towards giving life to our animations. He has an indispensable vision on how complex or simple animation movements can be accomplished creatively.


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